Monday, September 22, 2008

Perfect Sunday

It was Sunday morning, the highlight of the week. Everything had built up to this day. The pastor arrived about an hour and a half before the Sunday School was scheduled to begin, and with in minutes members of the church began to drift into the church facility. There were many things to be done, before the official start to the day. Some of the members went to the sanctuary to pray for the day, the church, and the needs of the community. Teachers were preparing for classes, as they made sure classrooms were ready to teach the expected students. Soon the worship leader and team were gathered to pray and harmonize in preparation for the services later in the morning.

The Sunday School hour came, and the classes filled with bounding children who were excited to learn. The teens came with open eyes to share their hearts and souls, while studying God's Word. The Adults met and discussed everything from the past week's news to deep theology, as they sipped coffee and tea. All the classes concluded with times of sharing and prayer for the needs of one another.

In the sanctuary the worship team played melodious harmony, as people came in with expectant hearts. Everyone worshipped in comfort, and excitement of being in God's House for the most holy day of the week. The minster soon rose to preach and draw the souls of one and all to deep growing relationships with the Lord. While the last songs brought the worship to a crescendo, many gathered to pray at the altar with the several people who had come to open their needs to the Lord in this loving environment. People took time in leaving the church, as they visited and shared their lives with one another, praising one another for God's work in their lives, and setting up times to get together through out the week ahead.

I'll let you know that I am one of the best coaches in football too, well at least in my fantasy league. In the world of fantasy we can imagine a perfect place where everything goes great, all worship and Bible studies are a blessing to one and all; and the pastor has full support of everyone with no fires to put out anywhere in their ministry. However, fantasy can only last in the brief moments somewhere between sleep and unreality. We all live in a real world, and I am sure I lost your into this fantasy at members arriving early to the church, let alone attentive and awake Sunday School attendees.

Sometimes we just have to share our reality with a trusted comrade or prayer team, so that we can make it through the times we face in our ministry. We may need a short break from our reality by heading to a favorite fishing hole, taking a walk, or hitting some balls down the links. Somewhere though we must face our reality with the only one who really understands, and really can guide us through what we face. We need to get serious and spend time with our Great Shepherd and Lord.

As the old hymn Turn Your Eye's Upon Jesus reminds we must refocus the heart from the heat we face to the guidance of God in all our ways. We may find help in books, other ministers, and many other places, but only God can help us face whatever the reality of our ministry is before us. Never forget He has called us, and He has been there in His own ministry. Take up the Bible, and spend some time in prayer. Be overwhelmed in the arms of the Lord, and carry on in His work before you.

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