Saturday, July 18, 2009

Helpmate in Ministry

Billy Sunday once said, "Praise your wife, even if it scares her at first." Does your spouse fear when you are being kind, or say a kind word. More important, how high in value is your spouse. I know I do not thank my wife enough for standing by my side in the ministry. I try to say thank you, but then I know the sacrifice, the work, the time, and the energy she puts into the ministry alongside me.

There are many young people going into ministry who may say, "Ministry is my calling, and my spouse has no need of being involved. The churches I candidate to must understand that she is not a free laborer for the Lord."

My wife would argue that she is called to work along my side, and that ministry is package, which she is very happy to be a part of. She is valued by those who seek her counsel, the children she ministers to, and those whom she is able to demonstrate her gifts of hospitality to.

She is not paid in monetary amounts, and she gets tired. However, she understands the bigger picture of the Kingdom. It is the Kingdom she willingly keeps in mind when she works alongside me as helpmate, advisor, and friend.

Yes, I know we should set limits and be responsible with the most precious resource we have on earth; our spouse. I am not saying that you should sit back and let a church walk on your spouse. However, your spouse should be part of your ministry. They should be as involved as you expect any parishioner in your church to be involved. Too many seeking or in ministry are willing to protect their personal time and family involvement, while expecting high commitment from members within the church. Be sure your commitment levels in your ministry begin within your own life, and your own family example.

- Keep on the Journey with Jesus today

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