Thursday, October 8, 2009

The busy life

We had one of the most busy times since arriving here at Clifton during August and September. The church celebrated 150 years of ministry. Amazingly the usual few people offered their help in preparing. With historical research, preparations for dinners, and all of the work to carry it off I know several of us put in 80 hour weeks for over a month. Was it worth it? I am still not sure.

In many ways celebrating the victories of the past can be a blessing, but I also watched some people show their sadness and anger with times of struggle in the past of the church. I think remembering is good, and that working through life is needed. The only way we can move ahead and change ourselves is to change our past, but we must truly use history as a tool to push us to a strong future. I and others stressed this, as we celebrated the past.

We were challenged to move to a brighter, stronger future by a former District Superintendent. We were challenged to move and grow to a place beyond our current size and out grow our facility. The potential exists. God is big enough. I just pray we all were listening, and that hearts are willing to grow.

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