Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Team Needs You

There was a young man who wanted walked by the basketball court in his small town. He watched, as other children played the game. He recognized some of his friends from the neighborhood, and so he watched for a while. It was surprising to him how many people he knew at the game, and how many people were playing together and having fun. Even more important was the surprise at how everyone cheered one another no matter how well they played. The boy wanted to be a part of the game, and so he walked toward the court and asked the coach if he could play.

“Of course you can play, we are always open to new players. Our team never closes it’s roster, and we don’t even care if you’ve never held a ball before in your life. We do expect a few things though,” The coach said gladly.

“Sure,” the boy said with a smile. “What kind of things do you expect?”

“Well when you are part of a team that means you are accountable to one another. You are responsible to practice to the best of your ability, and you must be at every game. You see every person on our team plays, and every person has a part. We not only carry the ball, but we cheer one another on in our practice and our play. We need one another, and that is what makes us a team.”

“Every game?” The boy asked, “But when do you play?”

“We meet the first of every week to play. We offer a variety of times to practice through out the week, and we sure would benefit from having you join us.”

“Okay. I want to be a part of the team.”

What do you think would happen to a boy who joined a team, and then didn’t show up for the game? Some of us have been a part of a ball team, a theater group, or other team. We understand the importance of being there when the game is played. We understand the importance of cheering one another on, or helping one another learn.

Do we have the same thought about our Church team? In Christ we are a Body, and we are a team. Do we make it a priority to be a part of the team? Do we make sure we are there when the team is meeting? No team is perfect, and no church is either. However, we come together to encourage one another, to challenge one another, and to cheer one another in serving our Savior and King.

When we are missing from the team our lives seem less joyful. When we are missing our team feels the loss. Ask God to help you in your walk with Him. Ask Christ to help make you a stronger part of His team.

May God bless you on your Journey With Jesus,

Daniel Shipton.

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