Monday, December 12, 2011

A Piece of the Puzzle

The Puzzle

It was a cold winters day, as the snow and wind blew violently against the window pain. The man went to his shelf to find something to pass the time away. He found the box, and opened it up pouring the pieces out across the table. He looked across the pieces on the table all scatter in disarray. There were shapes of all sorts and sizes. Some were more rounded, and others were more square. Some had holes, and others protruding nodules for placing inside. Carefully he turned the pieces over examining the picture on each and every shape. Soon they were all facing up, and he slowly and methodically began to put piece after piece together.

Starting with pieces with straight edges he soon was able to see a frame for the picture that would be formed inside. Carefully as the days of winter went on the he was able to see the beauty of the picture come into being, as each piece found its place within the whole. It was time consuming, but fun as well to see the form it made. Soon there were less pieces and less holes to fill in the picture before him. Then the pieces ran out, and still a hole remained.

The man could be seen with flashlight in hand, searching under the table and along the wall. He searched the closet, the corners, and all through out the house. One piece was missing, what could he do?

God is piecing together a great tapestry of a puzzle in the church. Every person is a part of this great picture He is trying to make. Every part is important to the whole of who we can be in His hands. Some of us are pieces that help to make the frame for others to build upon, and others are at the center drawing the eye to the beauty of the whole. Our part is not determined by us, but by God Himself.

Yet as He brings us all together to complete the greater purpose of His picture, sometimes a piece or two is missing. Sometimes He is searching for the life that has found itself caught in the darkness of busyness, or fallen off the table of peace into the turmoil around. God may be searching for you to help complete his puzzle in this church. We hope that you will know that you are an important part of what God wants to do. Every part is important. We can not finish the picture with pieces missing, so come and join us in growing in Him.

- Daniel Shipton 12/10/11

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