Thursday, February 27, 2014

Faithfully Minister

Ezk. 3.7, Isaiah 6.9, 2Tim. 4.2

Paul instructed Timothy to be prepared to preach in season and out of season.  I have often felt that this means to preach whether we feel greatly inspired or not.  I also see lately that it can mean to preach whether they listen or not.  Isaiah and Ezekiel are two examples of people called to preach for God, who were sent to people who wouldn't listen.

I love to preach and teach, especially when I see a disciple or congregant with that light in their eyes that shows they are gaining understanding.  When someone raises their hand in response or comes to the altar I feel privileged to have been a useful instrument in God's plan at that moment.  I think this is true of many preachers.

However, I have went through weeks and even months of time when it seemed like no one really cared what God had to say.  They seemed very wrapped up in the problems and worries of their lives, and seemed to come only out of obligation or responsibility.  Does God really want us to preach hard and strong in those times?  It can feel like we are wasting our time.

The truth is that God calls us to preach, teach, and minister faithfully.  We are not called to produce stellar results in everything we do.  We live in a generation so filled with statistics and so result oriented that we forget that first and foremost we are called to be faithful in the ministry God is calling us to.  We are called first to build our own relationship with God, and to minister to others out of that relationship.

We will likely not fill our altars every Sunday morning.   It may well be that we will really only get to glimpse where God is moving in other people on a sporadic basis.  We should celebrate with God when He allows us to see His moving.  More importantly we should remain faithful in our daily walk, and in every part of our ministry whether the big results shine through or not.

It may well be that God is moving, and we just are not seeing what He is doing at that moment.  I know there have been times when I have preached, and thought no one heard.  Then several weeks later someone will tell me how they have been contemplating something I said weeks earlier.  The message got through the way the Holy Spirit intended, but I never even knew.

Keep preaching.  Keep teaching.  Keep ministering where God calls you.  Let the Holy Spirit worry about whether the hearts are receptive or not.

Blessings in your ministry.

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