Thursday, March 13, 2014

Keep Your Sacred Place with God Alive

We all need places to rest.  Places to refresh our life and soul.  We all need some sacred place where we can meet with God alone, and He can speak to us in our heart and mind.  However, in our busy lives and ministries sometimes it is hard to keep a personal sacred space.  In fact many of us have a hard time sincerely setting aside either time or place in a sacred way for our lives. 

Some people have a daily place of sacredness where they pray and have their daily devotions.  I know of some pastors who have a particular chair set aside in their study just for prayer and devotion times.  In weather above the forties I tend to sit on my porch, because the outdoors has always been where I commune with God more easily.   We all have different things that bring us closer to God, and help us open up our hearts to Him.  I would encourage you to find your sacred space, or your best time, your sacred time to meet with God.  Be refreshed regularly in His presence.

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