Thursday, February 19, 2009

Follow the Dream

Growing up I had a poster with an astronaut in space which read, "Those who dare to dream, dare to do." I grew up wanting, like many children to be more than what I was. I dreamt of being an astronaut, or making a difference in the world. Time has changed some of my dreams, but I never stop dreaming.

Deep in my heart, as the dark and stillness of night is around, a stirring wakes me. I can not sleep, I must write down the thoughts and ideas that press from the depths of my inner most being. The thoughts surface and I see the way things can be. The way things should be. I see a church that is carrying out the work of Jesus Christ in such a way that everyone is on fire and involved with the process. I see people helping one another to become what God has purposed for their lives. I see lives turning from a past of sin and lost direction to focus and living for Jesus.

God still gives dreams to those who are willing to listen. It is He who directs the path of the leader who lives in His Word. If we are to remain open to God's leading, then we must be willing to dream. We must be willing to change our lives as God gives us vision. We must take the risks and live where God is showing the way.

I would rather strive to follow the dreams God puts in my heart, then sit on the sidelines of life.

Let God direct your dreams. You will never go, if you can't envision the way.

- Keep on your joureny with Jesus today

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