Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where Have All the Prophets Gone?

This past week a friend sent me one of those online personality tests. It was based on Bible characters. The test revealed that I have an Elijah personality. It was greatly encouraging (ha, ha). Elijah was a great prophet, willing to say what needed said, willing to confront the need, willing to preach what God said, and faithful to God's leading. However, Elijah was depressed, often ran away after fights to rest, and in many ways might be considered a manic depressive by today's standards.

This all made me think. Elijah preached hard and confronted the sin of his day. He was not a people-pleaser, and never compromised. He had to live outside the normal way of life, and was considered an enemy of the state and many of the average people. Other prophets did similar things. When Samuel came to anoint David people were afraid. They wondered why the "Prophet of God" was coming to town. Isaiah had to confront the situations in some very strange ways. Jeremiah was thrown into a cistern to think about his confrontation of the ways of Israel.

I wonder sometimes if in our world of positive thinking, self image building, and leadership development; is there room for the Elijah's and other prophets? Those men and women who are simply willing to carry God's Word to a world living and lost in sin. Have we, in our effort to be loving, lost our zeal to confront the worlds sinful ways? Have we compromised to the waves of public opinion?

I know it was easier for the prophets who had to come to town only when God said to come. They could preach hard and walk away from town to leave the people to decide to do the right thing, or live with the consequences. Yet, I would rather burn out in a blaze of fire like Elijah, than face my Father in Heaven one day to account for not saying what He has told me to say.

May we as ministers preach with conviction, worship with sincerity, and live with passion that is filled with Christ our Lord.

- Keep on your journey with Jesus today

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