Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who's Responsible For Our Culture

Recently I used on our church sign, which apparently attracted the young people's attention. While using signs to attract attention is a good thing. I apparently was unaware that this term which is intended to get attention was changing it's meaning. My son told me that it didn't have the same meaning to his friends, as he put it, 'like gay used to mean happy.' You know the funny thing is that in the technical sense gay still means happy in the dictionary.

I then told my son,"It isn't my fault that people want to destroy the meaning of words. It is up to those people of your generation to try to stop the destruction of good English words, by using them correctly. It is up to you to take captive the wrong, and seek to make it right."

This really makes you think, because the reality is that it is up to each generation to grow in their understanding of right and wrong. It is up to them to defend the right, by doing, saying, living, and walking in what is right. If we allow culture to capture us in it's grasp, then we will never change the culture for good and Godliness. We as parents, pastors, teachers, and mentors must teach the next generation to take stands on principles of right, holiness, and goodness. We must teach them to speak up and make a difference in the culture of our world.

While culture will continue to change, we must take the challenge to reach the culture at their level. However, it doesn't mean that we ever put aside our values or beliefs. In fact the more culture changes toward sinfulness, the more we must stand in holiness. The world will not follow us if we are not the counter cultural expression of Jesus love and holiness in our world. We must take captive the sinful ways of the world in prayer, and work with the Holy Spirit to change our world for God.

-- Keep on your journey with Jesus today.

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