Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pass God's Blessing as You Go

Matthew 10:12-13 reminds us that as we go about spreading the hope of the Kingdom of God we are to go among and be a part of the life of those we witness to. We are to pass a blessing on to the "houses we stay in." This really means a lot to us as ministers. We are invited into the fellowship of a church to be a blessing of God to the people, whom He calls us to. We should keep these words of passing God's blessings in mind, and before us always.

For some ministers this means reevaluating how we relate to those who are serving along side us, and those we are responsible for training under our direction. We are to help people grow in the way God would desire, and not lord our personal opinions or directions over people. This may mean slowing down plans in order for people to catch up. It may mean spending sleepless nights in care of those who are in need. We may be called to bless others in being faithful with our lives and witness before men in how our work ethic is lived out. There are numerous ways which God may call us to serve those we are called to serve.

We must take time evaluate ourselves, our witness, and whether we are blessing others in our ministry. The New Year offers a thought of new beginnings. I pray that we can all better serve and follow Christ in His great example.

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