Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Turning a Ship Takes More Than turning a Speed boat

When you go to the lake in the summer and watch a water skier turn and twist to hit the wake of the speeding boat it looks fun. It is exciting to change directions and create a great stir in the water, which is felt by even those on the shore sometimes.

A ship may create a deep and far reaching wake as well; however, it takes far more to turn a huge ship in the water. It will not turn in seconds, but it takes a larger berth in making a change of direction.

It is the same for most churches. The affects of change can not be pushed through because the quick waves of change will make a churning that will rip and tear on the fabric of the church. Does that mean we do not make change? No. It means as we grow in ministry we learn that it will take more time, patience, and effort to change direction. Things that have been done a certain way will take time to change. I have been part of change in the speed boat, and I am learning the lasting changes come when the whole church can go together.

May God bless your Journey with Jesus today

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