Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time & The Healing of Wounds

The old saying "Time heals all wounds" is very true. However, wounds leave scars and may remain tender for many years. When I was in my adolescent years I had to have surgeries on my ankles to build my arches. While the surgery went well and was quite necessary for a better walking posture in the future, it left scars. I recall many, many years going by before those scars healed to the point of not hurting or being tender. No, they didn't hurt everyday. Yet, if the side of my foot was bumped in the slightest on those scars it could nearly bring me to my knees with pain.

We deal every day with people who have wounds, but they may not be so obvious to the world as a cut on our body. Sometimes we have the opportunity to be with someone who has been hurt by divorce, death, sickness, or other situations as those situations happen. We may be the first-responders of the heart and soul for these people. Other times we may come along years after an event and we may be dealing with people who are afraid to reach out or open up their life. The reason is usually a hurt from years gone by.

People may go on for the most part as if nothing is wrong, and then something happens similar to the pain suffered years before. This leads to a relapse for some, and at least a wince of apprehension for others. It happens in our own lives too. Past hurt in ministry, mistakes made in our lives, or change that didn't go as smooth as we had hoped.

Change in a church causes pain at some level no matter how careful the change may be. Just like the surgical scars left on my feet, past change in a church may come up in new opportunity for change. Things may not have went well for someone in the past. A past change may have been handled too quickly. Sometimes we come into a hurting situation, which requires us to wait, and change at the pace the majority can handle. In fact most situations are not so life threatening to a church that time can not be given to allow people the time to work through their needs.

Healing will come, and trust will be gained. Then in time the change that God is leading us toward as a church will happen. It will be less abrupt and hurtful for most. We can never think that no one will be hurt in a change, but we can work to make the wounds smaller and less intrusive in how we choose to handle it. Let us lead in the gentleness of our Gracious Heavenly father in all that we do.

May God bless your journey with Jesus today

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