Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taking a Break

It's your day off and you have decided not to travel to the place where you go to renew. That place is different for every minister. There may be some quiet table in a nearby park beside a stream where you like to relax. Some pastor's like to go fishing, play a sport, or just take a drive. However, today you want to just stay home. The problem, your home is next to the church.

There are many advantages to living next door to your job both for a pastor and for the church. Protection of property, easy access to the office, and you are able to get home for lunch, I personally thin that since a minister's schedule often gets changed by needs, it is sometimes a blessing to be able to step next door to spend some time with your family.

Then comes the question of time off. Even in the most respectful of churches comes the realization that being so close to work means work may invade those times off. The phone rings with a need that may not be so pressing it couldn't wait, someone stops by just to say hello, or worse yet we sabotage ourselves by deciding to go to the office for just a minute. Face it we minister have fallen into the same logic as everyone else. 'My job is important, and I can't afford to take time away, because someone may take my job.'

Recently studies have been coming out stating that the average person takes less than three vacation days from their job. The reason is that people fear for their jobs. However, other studies are showing that in societies where people take breaks, vacations, and even naps people are healthier and live longer.

We must remember to take a break, because we need to be refreshed and ready to serve the need. We also need time with our spouse and our family, because they are our greatest responsibility in life.

Keep on you journey with Jesus

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